Reverb: Making Concerts Green

Music is something that most people enjoy. We all have favorite bands or musicians, and when our favorites go on tour, we like to see them perform. However, the concerts and events these artists play at aren’t always the most environmentally conscious. From the emissions released by tour buses, to the paper and plastic waste people discard at the concert there is a lot to give concerts a fairly large carbon footprint. The impact concerts and other large scale events have on the environment can be worrisome for environmentally conscious fans. And we are often times left wondering, “Is there anyway to make a concert less environmentally damaging?”

Well, environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her husband Adam Gardner, member of the band Guster, have answered that question with their non-profit organization, Reverb.

The purpose of Reverb, as stated on their website, is to provide, “comprehensive, custom greening programs for music tours while conducting grassroots outreach and education with fans around the globe.” This mission is a twofold plan to build a sustainable future.

First, they actually “green” the concerts they organize. That includes things like, reducing waste at a concert, and making sure it gets recycled, using eco-friendly caterers for the food, arranging locally provided biodiesel fueling stations for tour buses, and organizing whatever other green initiatives are available at the time.

Second, they educate the fans attending the concerts to help them become more environmentally conscious. This includes things such as offering carbon-offset programs, organizing an “eco-village” of educational eco-friendly displays and tables for local environmental initiatives, organizing concert carpools, and issuing calls to action on their website.

Numerous musicians and concert series are taking advantage of the opportunities provided by Reverb. This includes the likes of Jack Johnson, Maroon 5, Guster, Dave Matthews band, Ben Folds, Panic At the Disco, Passion Pit, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and  many others.

Reverb is making a greener concert experience a real possibility and is doing a great job of educating concert goers in the process.

For more information, as well as volunteer opportunities check out their website,

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