Switch of the Stigmas

Environmentalism: as mainstream as beauty pageants!

It used to be that tree huggers, hippies, vegetarians, environmentalists, and naturalists were all lumped into one group. Jim Carey portrays the old stigma perfectly–lanky, flamboyantly indignant, often unshaven. Lucky for me, times, styles, and even stigmas change. The environmentally conscious now carry a new face. If you conduct yourself in a green manner you are now considered up to date, educated, aware, and intelligent. The eco-image is new, sleek, and yes, sexy.

The reason I titled this blog ‘Switch of the Stigmas’ is because now you are looked negatively upon if you aren’t environmentally conscious. The viewpoint has reversed. Oil companies, gas stations, energy companies, litterbugs, and energy wasters are now frowned upon. Now don’t get me wrong–I am not a fan of any stereo typing or prejudice generally speaking,  but I have to say it does feel good not being the group under the microscope. It feels good to have people who care about making the world a better place not looked upon as Jim Carey here.

So, for all those tree huggers in hiding, don’t be afraid to show your true colors. Be public with your green habits– recycling, walking to work, and conserving energy. People will tend to respond more positively than in the past. To me this clearly demonstrates that our world is ready for change and the green way is the new way.

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