Quit Knockin’ the Low Flow, Jerry!

Why do people love showers so much? Well, they’re cleansing, they’re warm and comforting, relaxing and energizing, and just generally awesome, all at the same time. It’s no wonder that people occasionally  overuse the privilege!

While doing some research for the Energy Challenge, I was looking into barriers that keep people from taking various energy saving actions. One really excellent action to take is installing a low flow shower head–an action made easy by home energy assessments, where you can get just such a shower head installed, at no cost! During my research, I discovered a startling fact: Seinfeld is actually one of the largest barriers to switching to the low flow!

I am here to clear up a widespread misconception, and hopefully eliminate that particular barrier. There is a general feeling out there that “low flow”  mean weak, drippy, unsatisfying showers. That is INCORRECT!! Even bottom of the line modern, low flow  shower heads DO NOT reduce water pressure! Many of the new ones actually have increased water pressure. The design reduces the volume of water per second, but maintains good, strong pressure, by forcing water through smaller holes, often surpassing pressure levels of traditional shower heads.

That particular Seinfeld episode is actually one of my all-time favorites, but let it be known that it is also WRONG! Is it still hilarious? Yes, obviously. The hair “don’ts” crack me up. But is it accurate? No!!

Don’t take my word for it! Register NOW for your no cost, Mass Save home energy assessment, and get your own efficient shower head today! You will save a lot of energy, a ton of water, and a tidy bit of money on your utility bills! You can register for a no cost assessment right here. I assure you, you won’t regret it.

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