The Obamas’ Push for Energy Stability

Most would say it’s President Obama, but I think Michelle is behind the push for a long term energy plan in the United States. As I always like to say “men only run the world, because we women let them think they do!” The first lady has clearly built her platform on overall health, both that of people and our environment, and I think she has  gotten her husband on board as well! Never in the history of the U.S. has more been done to plan for a clean energy economy, including steps towards creating a firm foundation for that plan.

Not only have President Obama’s  actions re-inspired those ready to wave the white flag, but they have actually created  thousands of jobs and nearly doubled the U.S. renewable energy capacity projection for 2012. The result? A veritable fad centered around going green to protect the current and future health of America–land, water, and people.

As we all know, however, nothing comes easy. In the last few months, two major government-backed solar energy companies have gone bankrupt: Solyndra in Arizona and Marlborough-based Evergreen Solar. These setbacks  have fanned the flames of apathy/despair for those ready to just give up.  I think the attitude of the general U.S. population is shifting, however,  from ‘wait to see,’ to ‘can do.’  People want action, and are beginning to make it happen on their own,  both in response to, and supported by the Obamas’ drive to sustainability in the U.S.

Across the country, Americans are working to do their part to create a safer, healthier and more stable future. Scientists from many different backgrounds, some even teaming up with University research teams and farmers, are developing new technologies and working on renewable fuel sources. This generation is taking action to make the environment more sustainable, everywhere from the home to the school cafeteria. It is clear that despite a lot of negativity surrounding this new and unfamiliar ground, the United States continues to work and push  for a cleaner, more stable, sustainable energy future.

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