Occupy [Insert Location Here]!

For almost two months people have been Occupying areas to protest corporate greed. Although I would say this is about 50-100 years late, considering we live in a capitalist country, I really understand the plight. Either way, the American people are finally coming together in an attempt to make companies realize what their greed is doing to the United states.

So to the people who are protesting, or interested in this protest, does anything sound familiar? Anything ringing a bell? Well if you didn’t get it, this is quite similar to the fight for environmental justice. What is the common enemy you ask? Corporate greed. As I stated in my first blog, part of the reason the US lacks a solid plan for sustainable energy implementation, is lack of funding. Even when the government funds a project, it often still needs additional investors for the project to actually happen. Unfortunately, companies are not willing to invest in things that will not make them money, and renewable energy is not a ‘stable market’ as of yet.

So I ask:  if you are so willing to Occupy [wherever] for financial help, or financial equality, are you willing to Occupy to sustain your environmental and clean energy future?

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