Barbara’s Here!

Hi Southeastern Mass!  I am the new Lead Community Organizer for the SouthCoast Energy Challenge, and I’m truly energized to begin helping residents save energy!  Having just downsized from a house I owned for over 30 years, I had always prided myself on the myriad ways we can help reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Many years ago,  I contacted the local energy experts in our region and had an energy audit performed on our home. Even then I was amazed by the numerous low-cost or no-cost quick tips that helped my family reduce our energy consumption even more.  I’ve only been on board with the Energy Challenge for a couple of days here in the beautiful SouthCoast, but have already learned many, many additional and up-to-date modifications and incentives to help bring us closer to peek efficiency both in the home and out in the community.

Actions range from scheduling a new and improved, no-cost home energy assessment, to smaller, everyday actions like turning the heat down a few degrees this winter, keeping car tires properly inflated, and washing clothes in cold water. These and many other helpful hints will help us all become wiser and more efficient energy consumers–to not only reduce our impact on the  environment, but have a big impact on our monthly budget, as well.

I am more committed than ever to making a concerted effort in 2012 to educate myself and everyone I can on the importance of enhanced energy conservation and awareness.  How can you make a difference? Learn more ways to cut your energy consumption, your utility bills, and your carbon footprint–register now to take the Challenge at

Hey, SouthCoast… Let the Challenge Begin!

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