The Vampire Strikes Back


AHHHH! Vampires! They are coming to suck all the energy out of your homes, waste electricity, and cost you hundreds of dollars!

I’m proud to say that just hours before seeing this video I hooked all the electronics in my room up to a power strip. In fact, I’m feeling a little smug. I guess I can say I’ve never truly feared the (energy) vampire, but I have definitely felt some evil vampire glares behind me when I’ve left for work in the morning without unplugging my phone charger.

This energy vampire identity is growing in popularity. It won’t be long before they’re making bad, comic book inspired, movies about this energy thirsty critter. Hopefully this will cause more people to start taking the action by unplugging chargers and electronics when they aren’t being used.

Vampire energy is literally a waste of energy. It’s like poking a hole in your gas tank and letting all that potential energy (my high school physics teacher will be happy I remembered something) poor out all over the street. So get out the power strips! They are the best weapon to combat this newfound demon.

p.s. I guess it would be more accurate, in a Van Helsing-sort-of-way if you considered the power strip a vampirism antidote, but in either metaphor it saves energy.

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