A Beacon of Hope for UMass Dartmouth!

As I jogged around campus the other day I noticed these huge cylindrical objects placed in one of our fields. I got closer and realized I saw propellers. Mhhh, could it be?!  This has been an ongoing conversation, but nothing very tangible has happened since my freshman year. When I got back to my room, I pulled up local news and realized it was finally here! The UMass Dartmouth Turbine dream is finally close to being reality!

After years of “recycle this,” and “conserve energy that,” UMass Dartmouth is finally taking steps to truly walk the talk and become part of the regional sustainability effort. This turbine is projected to save the University $125,000 annually and significantly reduce UMass Dartmouth’s carbon footprint.

“The 600-kilowatt wind turbine would produce the same amount of energy per year as burning approximately 39 tons of coal; eliminate the emission of 1,161 pounds of sulfur dioxide and 489 pounds of nitrous oxide per year; and reduce emission of 295 tons of carbon dioxide annually” – UMass Dartmouth Press Release 11-14-10 .

Actions truly speak louder than words and having this turbine physically on the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth campus, will be a symbol of the stance we are taking to help our environment.

Learn more about the Umass Dartmouth Wind Turbine Project here!

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