Halloween Costume Efficiency–build it or buy it second hand!

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The most incredible Halloween costumes I have ever encountered have been, almost universally, hand-made or assembled through thrift shopping with a keen eye! While ready-made costumes serve a purpose for folks on the fly, people tend to take notice of well-crafted, personalized costumes.

A Young Dwight Schrute!

So, for this year’s fancy dress, consider the following:

• Mine your local thrift store for something that inspires you (although going with a concept can also work…just don’t be disappointed if you have to adjust it a little!)!! Whether it be an unusual hat, some fabulous costume jewelry, a pirate shirt, outlandish shoes, etc. there is sure to be something that catches your eye to make the perfect centerpiece for your Halloween 2011 ensemble! Buying second hand items is like a little cash & carbon bonus; it is value added to an item that may otherwise have been chucked, and assuming these are goods you would otherwise buy new, buying second hand reduces your personal carbon footprint by the amount of CO2 needed to produce and transport each item. It is win win win! Plus, not only will you generally come out with a costume gem, but you might also find something(s) for the other 364 days!



• Make it yourself!! Check the back of your closet for that odd item you’ve been holding on to but can’t remember why! Upend your recycling bin and USE IT! Cardboard, tinfoil, paper towel rolls, juice bottles or what have you. Get creative! I have, at various times, encountered an incredible cardboard Optimus Prime, turtle (not ninja), cereal box, and rubik’s cube– all cardboard, all fabulous. You can do it!

Your home-assembled ensemble is guaranteed to turn heads. Authenticity is the spice of costumery! Good luck and happy Halloween!

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