Decoration Ideas for an Environmentally Friendly Halloween!

Every kid loves the fun of trick or treating on Halloween and seeing all the spooky decorations. Here are some ways you can show spirit in an environmentally friendly way. If you haven’t already, check out my last post about a few of my favorite things to do with pumpkins.

First up, a couple classics:
Scarecrows are basically stuffed clothes: socks, pants, a shirt, gloves and a head and hat. This article shows the basic steps of putting together a cool scarecrow (with pictures!).

Another staple of Halloween is the ‘hanging ghost‘. This is another festive addition you can make at home with materials you already have. Here are some simple ones I found for inspiration.





Last up is my personal favorite. Using cardboard boxes (or other recycled materials) and good lighting you can have one of the coolest houses with virtually no energy expenditure.

The best way to celebrate Halloween is finding fun ways to decorate your house using materials you already have AND will last for re-use or at least be recycled for another purpose.

Happy (environmentally friendly) decorating!

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