Environmentally Friendly Halloween #3: Candy

Halloween is like winning the jackpot for a kid with a sweet tooth. It is a special occasion, and it demands candy.  Why not consider trying something new this year…and, gulp, environmentally friendly?! Read on and discover some candies that kids will love and can work with your goal to reduce energy consumption.

Greenopia conducted a survey of 10 candy makers, and found that only 2 of the candidates qualified for their highest rating. The criteria they used to judge the candy makers were six factors:

Endangered Species Chocolate •  Environmental Reporting – based on energy usage, emissions, and water consumption.

•  Ingredient Sourcing – does the company practice sustainability, fair trade, etc.

•  Packaging – use of recycled materials, alternative materials, lightweight packaging, etc.

•  Logistics – building design policies, ingredient sourcing etc.

•  Renewable Energy Usage

•  Credible Eco-labels

The top rated, eco-friendly candy brand is Endangered Species Chocolate. And they even have a Halloween sale featuring fun treats for kids!

The second highest rated, Theo Chocolate, also has a sale going on: 20% of for three days only! That still leaves you time to load up for Halloween!

In general, when you are out shopping for those last minute trick-or-treat giveaways, consider the following:

Homemade Candy Apples! •  Look for the fair trade label on chocolate- and coffee-based candy. No one should suffer so we can enjoy delicious, delicious chocolate!!

•  Consider buying locally! There are some local treat-makers out there who will knock your socks off, like Dorothy Cox Chocolates in Fairhaven. Or, going a different route, you can get great local fudge & candy apples at Dartmouth Orchards on Old County Rd.

•  Make your own!! There is nothing better than fresh baked goods–unless, maybe, it is home-made candy! Try making your own candy apples or fudge!  Check here for a few ideas on that score!

Let us know if you try any of these energy saving, environmentally friendly sweet treat options. Good luck, and happy eating this Halloween!!

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