SEMAP 1st Annual Bog Jog!

SEMAP’s 1st Annual Bog Jog totally ruled! I may personally have had to drag myself through my first 5k in an unnamed period of years, but it was clear that the crowd at large  thoroughly enjoyed the event! The race was very beautiful–nothing beats a crisp, mid-September morning spent racing across land bridges, around cranberry bogs, and through the sun dappled, sandy back roads of A.D. Makepeace! Even the natural beauty of the place pales somwhat, however, next to the feast that followed. Local salad, clam chowder, sausage, corn, cider, and beer…and serious good cheer! Thank you to SEMAP, especially Bridget and Sarah, for a really awesome event, and for including Energy Challenge fliers in the race goody bags. I forgive you for making me run…I actually loved it!

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