Hi everyone! My name is Oyindamola “Damola” Ogunjobi. I am double majoring at UMass Dartmouth and going into my senior year in mechanical engineering and operations management. You’re probably picturing me with huge glasses and a pocket protector right about now, but I assure you I am not a complete nerd. I was raised in a liberal arts high school, so I am also very involved in the arts. I took 9 years of Latin, play drums, guitar and piano, and love to sing and dance.  Something I am extremely proud of is my heritage, so you will probably hear me throw out that I am 100% Nigerian every chance I get.

Having always been very driven and ambitious, my goal in life is to be multi-faceted and excel in the things I take on. Essentially, I want to be the next Donald Trump/Oprah Winfrey/Kristine Pearson, a persona I have fondly named a “Wintrumpear.” It sounds so much cooler out loud than it looks on paper, seriously just say it “Win-trum-pear.” Anyway back to me, my ambition sometimes causes me to be overly involved. Regardless of the occasional lack of sleep, I love everything I do, and do it all because making a difference in my community now will help me make a huge difference in the world later.  When I say make a difference, I am talking everything from bettering social and academic situations on my campus, to actively participating in politics, to caring for and preserving our environment.

Caring for and preserving the environment is where being a part of the Energy Challenge comes in play. I recycle, make an effort to only plug things in when I am using them, and not take excessively long showers. But that’s not enough. Although I believe the actions of one can influence many, I wanted to become part of a group that could reach even more.  “Going green” has been presented to my generation as a fad, when in reality the push to be environmentally aware has now become a necessity. I want to help people realize this and educate them through the Energy Challenge. Like I said before, making a difference for the betterment of our community can affect our environment and eventually our world.

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