Swim Buzzards Bay…Energy Challenge style!

Today we are making some final preparations for tomorrow’s main event: Swim Buzzards Bay, 2011.  Put on by the incomparable Coalition for Buzzards Bay, this will be the 18th Annual Swim, but this year with one major difference…Team SouthCoast Energy Challenge will be in the mix!

What began as a harebrained idea and an Energy Challenge Swimming Team of one (me), has blossomed into 4 swimmers, a kayaker, and a fearless photographer. Together we will attempt the jaunt from Davy’s Locker in the South end of New Bedford, across the outer harbor, all the way to Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven.

The Energy Challenge Team members have been practicing solo for a while– I’ve been at the Y pool, Becky & Graham have been tearing up beaches all around Westport, and Michelle’s been running marathons and things! This week has seen some, most, or all of us swimming laps up and down Horseneck Beach, dodging jellyfish, and gauging our distance by lifeguard chairs. As in, “let’s sprint to the next chair, then slow to the last chair, then turn around and do it again!”

So, just how does this Swim fit with the Energy Challenge? Like this: we are expanding the options for cutting down on fossil fuel-based travel (not to mention exploring shorter routes from New B to Fairhaven!); we are participating in an event geared toward raising awareness about Buzzards Bay water quality and conservation; and we are spreading the word about the Energy Challenge! All in one morning!

And all I have to do is wake up at 5:00 a.m. and brave a 1.2 mile swim.  The horn sounds at 7 am, and off we’ll go– see you on the other side!

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