Energy Challenge Team Successfully Swims the Bay!

Swim Buzzard's Bay-- SouthCoast Energy Challenge Team

We made it! The SouthCoast Energy Challenge Team has successfully completed the 1.2 mile ‘Swim Buzzard’s Bay!’

The morning was beautiful– the water calm, glassy, and as close to current free as New Bedford’s outer harbor ever is. The moments before the start were hectic, with 216 swimmers milling around, and even more numerous spectators, photographers, volunteers, and race coordinators in the mix.

I can tell you, those moments were nothing compared to the start itself– from water level, it was nothing short of chaos! Swimmers were increasingly on the alert as the horn counted down the seconds. At the final toot, there was a surge of motion, and we were off. Tangled arms, kicking legs, and dozens upon dozens of anonymous swimmers pulling, jostling, and jockeying to find a path.

Within minutes, however, the field opened up, and we had each found a place in the long, dotted line of swimmers stretched across the Bay. The water was clear and just warm enough, and the rest of the swim safe, smooth, and almost peaceful– apart from the strained breathing, aching muscles, and active competition!

In all, 216 swimmers swam 259 miles. Not bad for a single morning, completed before I generally get up. Next year, we just have to find a way to harness all that energy!

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