Three Cheers For 3rd Eye

Me with some serious squinting going on
On Saturday I attended the 3rd Eye Open with SouthCoast Energy Challenge teammate, Helder Lobo.  The Open took place July 16, at Buttonwood Park. From our Energy Challenge table we had a perfect view of the hip hop stage and graffiti mural competition. It was pretty awesome to see such huge pieces of art taking shape over the course of the day.

Another thing that was awesome was how many people were interested in the Energy Challenge! We didn’t steal the show, but it was incredible how many festival attendees came over to check out our efficiency lighting display, and shared their opinions on how important it is to save energy. We met tons of different people from mothers to farmers, from cashiers to candidates for mayor. Everyone that came to our booth agreed that saving energy is super important.

Helder and I set up a cool, interactive lighting display that tells you the different costs and energy demands associated with certain light bulbs. Everyone was amazed at how much less it costs to run a CFL than it is to run an incandescent light bulb.  Helder attracted passing crowd members by asking if they could guess how much it costs to run an incandescent bulb. It was interesting to see how much lower most guesses were than the actual cost (with the exception of one person who guessed $1,000!).

Would any of you care to take a guess?! Post a comment below to tell us what you think the cost of operating a 100 watt incandescent bulb is, vs. a comparable CFL.  Everyone who comments will be entered into a drawing to win a package of CFL bulbs!  We’ll hold a drawing in a couple of weeks and alert the winner via email.

The whole experience at the 3rd Eye Open sparked a new found understanding.  Although most people agree that saving energy is important, we are completely out of touch with the actual cost of energy. Most of us just pay our bills and are unaware of where most of the cost comes from.  You can find out how to take energy saving action to reduce your energy costs at

Look for Helder and me and our awesome lighting display at your local farmers markets, as we shall be attending many of them over the coming weeks.

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