It’s Not Easy Being Green…or is it?

Kermit, I hear ya buddy, but I’m going to respectfully disagree. Being green has just gotten easier! We know we must change our attitudes and behaviors towards energy, efficiency, and the environment. “But how?” you may ask… Well guys the answer is simple. Take the SouthCoast Energy Challenge!

The Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance (SEEAL) and its partners have embarked on a mission to reduce fossil fuel based energy consumption in SouthCoast, Massachusetts.  To Take the Challenge, go to, register, and begin to take action!

Once registered, there are two broad categories of actions you can take: one-time actions, and ongoing actions. A one-time action is something like registering for an energy audit (very important DO IT). It is any action that you take one time to make your normal household operations more energy efficient or sustainable. Other examples could be installing low-flow showerheads, insulation, or a programmable thermostat. Ongoing actions are can be trickier…but are often free! These are changes in your daily habits that help reduce your energy usage over time. These actions include small things like remembering to turn off the lights when you leave a room, or unplugging your cell phone chargers when not in use (or your iphone, laptop, ipod, ipad, tablet, ereaders, and nook chargers when you are not using them! why do we all have so many things?). These ongoing actions are a really important step in becoming energy efficient…and saving some money on your monthly bills!

The Energy Challenge can also help make ‘being green’ easy outside the house. In the car, making choices at the grocery store or buying ‘stuff,’ there is an Energy Challenge action to help you!

Kermit was right when he first sang,“It isn’t easy being green. Having to spend each day the color of the leaves,” but times have changed! Take the SouthCoast Energy Challenge, and be green today!

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